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High carbon steel Twist Drills with 44/60 grit diamond coated ends. Imperial sizes 1/3 inch to 9/16 inch dia. Metric sizes 10mm to 14mm
44/60 grit diamond-tipped Wheels, top quality, time proven cuting tools. (1/4 inch - 3/4 inch bore
44/60 grit diamond-tipped Burrs, available in Round, Flat End or Tapered. 6mm dia. Shank overall length 55-60mm. Diamond tip dia. 5-10mm, length 12-25mm.
Six different manufacturers blades available in both 44/60 and 36/44.
A lightweight Trimmer fitted with a robust workhouse air motor. 6,000 rpm., 16cfm, air consumption, cutting depth 3/8 inch.
The AS70 is a very powerful lightweight machine fitted with an open saw guard and efficient dust extraction.
A very powerful machine, makes light work of heavy cutting and trimming, 12,500 rpm., uses 25-30 cfm. At 80 psi., cutting depth 7/8 inch.
Just the job for cutting awkward shapes and radii, 25,000 rpm. Uses 30-35 cfm. At 80 psi
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