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Pistol-grip gun with 3/8 inch chuck, runs at 2,500 rpm., 5 cfm., low-noise, weight only 1kg.
A lightweight multi-use tool for cutting complex profiles, 10mm stroke depth, 1,200 spm., 8 cfm
Mini Belt Sander uses 3/8 inch x 13 inch belts. A superb tool for finishing both flat and curved surfaces.
Air driven Sander with 6 inch dia. Pad, uses 10.6 cfm. At 80 psi., 10,000 rpm.
An extremely flexible multi-purpose Cutter, which because of its oscillating cutting action creates little dust, uses just 0.3 cfm. At 80 psi.
A simple low-cost vacuum-fed gun. Sprays a multitude of materials:- resins, gelcoats, filler primers, adhesives etc.
44/60 grit completed with Pilot Drill and Spring Ejector. Imperial sizes 3/8 inch upto 4 1/2 inch Metric sizes 12mm to 150mm
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