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Miracle Gloss (Mirror Glaze) M0811
The industries first and most widely used mould release wax.
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Description: High quality maximum mold release paste wax
Objective:  To create a barrier-film that provides multiple releases with ultra high gloss finished parts on new and seasoned molds.
Features: The industries first and most widely used mold release wax recognized worldwide as the industry standard for paste mold release waxes. Wax of choice when maximum release power is required. Withstands exothermic temperatures up to 250° F (121º C)
Benefits: Specially formulated to provide the maximum number of releases.Especially useful on tooling, new molds, and production use
Tools Needed: Meguiar’s Foam Applicator (W-0004) or 100% cotton terry cloth towel
Mould Prep:       New mold or plug must be fully cured before using the Meguiar’s Maximum Mold Release Wax (M08).
Safety Tip:      Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection.
Safety Data   Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Meguiar’s products and should be consulted prior to use of the product.
ProfessionalTips:For the highest quality parts, precede Meguiar’s Maximum Mold Release Wax (M-08) with Meguiar’s Velocity line of cleaner, compounds, and polishes.
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