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Miracle Gloss (Mirror Glaze) M8811
Easy to apply and wipe off, extremely durable highgloss wax
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Description: High quality general purpose mould release paste wax
Objective: To create a barrier-film that provides multiple releases with ultra high gloss finished parts
Features: Provides superior performance in general purpose application. Contains synthetic and natural waxes
Withstands exothermic temperatures up to 200° F (93º C)
Easy wipe on and wipe off formulation
Benefits: Consistent performance when normal molding temperatures are used
can also be used as a storage wax for moulds
Tools Needed: Meguiar’s Foam Applicator (W-0004) or 100% cotton terry cloth towel
Mould Prep: New molds must be fully cured before using the Meguiar’s Universal Mold Release Wax  (M-88).
Safety Tip: Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection.
Safety Data: Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Meguiar’s products and should be consulted prior to use of the product.
Professional Tips: For the highest quality parts, precede Meguiar’s Universal Mould Release Wax (M-88) with Meguiar’s Velocity cleaner, compounds, and polish.
Price £13.95/can
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