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Fillite Powder
Microscopic silica spheres, lighter in density than talc fillers, used in resins to increase rigidity and hardness. Fillite cenospheres are lightweight, hollow, spherical, low density, free-flowing, alumino-silicate microspheres used in many applications where these characteristics are critical to performance.
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Extracted from pulverised fuel ash from coal-fired power stations Fillite hollow alumino-silicate cenospheres or microspheres are a versatile lightweight filler with applications in a variety of industrial and commercial products.

The hollow ceramic glass bubble shape of the microsphere results in a variety of uses other than simply being used as a lightweight filler.

Fillite cenospheres are a filler used to replace minerals and resins where the benefits may be as diverse as weight reduction, improved thermal insulation, reduced shrinkage, improved fire resistance or simply easier application.

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