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A pre-mixed quick-setting paste, works and rubs down easily
An easy to use, smooth textured polyester filler for deep repairs. The non-sag formula is ideal for use on vertical or horizontal repairs and its lightweight formula bonds to multiple substrates including galvanised steel, metal and GRP.
Smooth 7 is ideal for repairing large, deep or uneven areas. The formula is specially developed to give excellent filling properties whilst maintaining smooth spreading capabilities and good adhesion.
A strong polyester glass fibre filler that can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Suitable for bridging holes and rust in steel and GRP surfaces.

Excellent gap filling properties
Water resistant when fully cured
Easy to cover with standard polyester filler
Extra Hardener for Body Filler
Body Filler Applicators
G4 sealer is a moisture cured polyurethane which forms a non-porous seal on concrete, brick or porous stone. G4 uses the moisture in the air and substrate to cure or harden, it can be applied onto slightly damp substrates. However, it is important that the substrate is sufficiently dry to be porous so as to enable the first coat of G4 to bond and obtain a mechanical grip. G4 can be applied in poor weather conditions, high humidity and at tempretures down to 0°C.
A PVC etching solution used to achive maximum adhesion between glassfibre laminates and PVC surfaces.
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