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Kevlar is the trade name for Duponts aromatic polyamide fibres. The material offers greatly improved performance over conventional glassfibre reinforcements on weight saving, impact resistance and durability.
A non-woven polyester fibre impregnated with microspheres, used as a sandwich construction material between layers of chopped strand mat. The main benefits of Polycore are high stiffness to weight ratio and high impact resistance.
Used mainly as a jointing or repair bandage, the selvedges of the tape give a clean line to the repair or joint.
Biaxial Fabric consists of two layers of unidirectional fibres stitched together, this configuration gives improved performance over woven fabrics
Biaxial Fabric -45deg / +45deg
A combination of Biaxial Fabric with a chopped strand mat backing.
Supplied in Uni or Bi-directional form.
A bi-directional 200gm/square metre selvedge tape.
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