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A flame retardant resin complying to BS,476, 1971, Part 7, Class 1
Butanox M-50 is a general purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins in the presence of a cobalt accelerator at room and elevated temperatures. The curing system Butanox M-50/cobalt accelerator is particularly suitable for the curing of gelcoat resins, laminating resins, lacquers and castings; moreover the manufacture of light resistant parts may be possible contrary to the curing system benzoyl peroxide/amine accelerator. Practical experience throughout many years has proven that by the guaranteed low water content and the absence of polar compounds in Butanox M-50, this peroxide is very suitable in GRP products for e.g. marine applications.
The curing of unsaturated polyester resins at ambient temperatures can in general not be performed by an organic peroxide alone. The radical formation, which is necessary to start the polymerization reaction, is at ambient temperatures with most generally applied organic peroxides too slow. To speed up the radical formation in a controllable way organic peroxides must therefore be used in combination with an accelerator. All our standard resins are supplied pre-accelerated, but to achieve quicker setting times more accelerator can be added.
A solution of paraffin wax in Styrene monomer, which when added to a resin helps minimize surface tackiness. 2% by weight is added to the final / surface coat.
Dimethylaniline (D.M.A.) Accelerator
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